10 Spring Flower Container Ideas

Container gardening with spring flowers is a great way to brighten up your front porch, patio or any room in your home. Here are 10 Spring Flower Container Ideas that will welcome spring to your home!

I made my first trip to Devan Greenhouses this week and came home with a ton of spring beauties. That first trip to my favourite local greenhouse is always exciting, and even though it is still chilly outside, these early spring flowers are hardy, for the most part, and well suited for growing outdoors in a sunny spot or inside your home.

For a beautiful spring flower container that is sure to attract attention, I use the Thrillers, Fillers and Spillers design method. For the Thriller, choose an eye-catching plant that is big, bold and stands taller than the others. The Fillers are plants that complement the design, often filling the space under the Thriller’s leaves. And finally, the Spillers are those that tumble over the edge of the container to anchor the design.

I love having spring flowers indoors, so I created a few mixed indoor containers using both indoor houseplants like African Violets and spring greenhouse flowers.

Container gardening is easy, but there are a few things to keep in mind. Drainage is important. Containers with holes in the bottom are best, but if you have non-draining containers, add a little organic compost which will allow air and water to move through the soil.

And to help your plants flourish, place inside containers close to a window for natural light and outdoor containers in a sunny spot outside.

These spring flower containers will cheer up any space, indoors or out!

1. Cement Planter with Rope Handles

I love this cement planter from Otter Co-op Retail Centre in Langley. This sweet planter is filled with a striking Variegated Chrysanthemum, a Hethor Giant Primrose and a Variegated Creeping Fig. The vibrant fuchsia and yellow colours shine!

2. Wooden Garden Box

This grey Garden box is my favourite! It’s the centrepiece in my Bring the Garden to the Table Decor post. It’s filled with a white Chrysanthemum, a yellow Primula Primlet, a purple Hethor Giant Primrose, a Variegated Creeping Fig and a striking dark purple Pansy. Pussy willow branches add just the right touch. Devan Greenhouses carries a variety of wooden flower containers.

3. Crazy Daisy Metal Tub

How cute is this crazy daisy metal tub? It’s so cheerful; it makes me smile! It’s filled with a bright yellow Chrysanthemum, a mauve African Violet, pink and yellow Primula Primlets, a purple Hethor Giant Primrose and finished with Pussy Willow branches.

4. Galvanized Bucket

I love fragrant Hyacinths, and they are ever-present both inside and outside of my home in the springtime. They smell amazing!

5. Galvanized Watering Can

Galvanized planters are a great way to bring a bit of farmhouse style to your garden. This watering can is spilling over with a Hethor Giant Primrose mix.

6. Decorative Ceramic French Planter

This planter is great for indoors. It’s filled with Papercup Daffodils, pink Fairy Primroses and finished with Pussy Willow branches.

7. Cylinder Cement Planter on Wooden Stand

Embrace the industrial look with this fabulous planter. It’s filled with Papercup Daffodils and a yellow Hethor Giant Primrose.

8. Rectangle Concrete Planter

Update your living space with concrete planters. Concrete planters come in multiple shapes and sizes and are ideal for indoor and outdoor spaces. The Ripple Peperomia complements the African Violets in this pretty indoor creation.

Curious Hannah joined in the fun!

9. Low Bowl Planter

Some of the most common placements for low bowl planters include on tops of garden columns or indoors on kitchen counters and tables. This variety of Primrose is called Primula Primlet or Rosebud Primlet.

10. Green Dragonfly

This outdoor cement planter shows its wear ~ but I love that rustic look. The Papercup Daffodils and Hethor Giant Primrose Mix are fabulous plants for this cute container. I don’t like wearing bulky gardening gloves, so I was so happy to find these knit gloves at Walmart for $1.48!

What you Need:

  • Potting soil
  • Organic compost
  • Containers
  • Garden hand tools
  • Gardening gloves
  • Variety of spring flowers and indoor plants
  • Pussy willow branches


  1. Fill container half to two-thirds full of potting soil and compost mix.
  2. Remove flowers and plants from greenhouse pots, retaining the soil base.
  3. Arrange flowers and plants in the container so that each plant has some room to grow.
  4. Top up the container with soil to just below the container’s rim.
  5. Water flowers and plants, if required.
  6. Find a space for your container close to natural light indoors or place outdoors.

Container gardening with spring blooms is a great way to add a big burst of colour to your deck, balcony or yard. If it’s still chilly in your neck of the woods, keep your flower containers inside until the weather warms up in March. 

I hope my 10 Spring Flower Container Ideas inspire you to create your own flower containers this spring. And don’t forget to Pin this post!

xo, Linda

12 thoughts on “10 Spring Flower Container Ideas

  1. Linda, I love the pretty containers you’ve planted here! Thank you for some new ideas for planting this spring. I’ve been repotting a few plants who needed new soil and better drainage over the past month.

    Spring is coming! Many hugs,
    Barb 🙂

  2. I love the wooden box planter the most! Thank you for the tips on how to arrange the flowers. I always have the hardest time getting mine to look right. Yours is beautiful!

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